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This is the Annexe you can think of it
as the shed at the bottom of the garden where you put things that are not wanted at the moment.

Rod's Blog

Hi there; First I must say thank you to all the people that have helped with the website, without you we would not have a website to be proud of. The Wangford Web was set up for the village people to use for themselves, so use it, it's free and very easy just send me a email. If you have an event let me know about it If you want to write a letter to me to have a moan, OK I will open a letter page. If you would like to thank anybody for a good turn, just let me know. Anything go's as long as it will not offend. We have a great and historic village in Wangford.. which has been held together by the local people for 850 years. It has survived by using six little words "What can I do to help?" that means so very much. In the city a lot of people don't even know the people next door in some towns it's the same. A small village has everything going for it, a sense of community, a sense of belonging, a sense of pride. So next time there is something on in the village see if you can help, if you have no time to help come to the event, show your face, be part of the village, belong.

The webmaster              

Things that have happened in my lifetime!

Dropping of the Atom Bomb
The end of WWII
The development of Radar
The use of rockets & missiles
The start of television 1946 BBC 1 (after the war)
Planes powered by jet engines
The first jet passenger service The Comet
Vacuum cleaners
Household washing machines
The first random number selecting computer “ERNIE”
Spin driers
Microwave ovens started 1949 & became household goods in 1970
First Monkey in space 1949
The Coronation of Queen Elisabeth II June 2nd 1953
First men to climb Everest 1953
1st. mile run in under 4 minutes by Roger Bannister 1954
The first satellite to orbit the earth “Sputnik” 1957
Start of Transistors and the end of valves 1960
Transistor Radio you could take anywhere 1960
First man space 1961
Reel to reel tape recorders early 1960's
45 rpm. Records 1960
The first TV satellite to orbit the earth “Telstar” 1963
First Colour Television service 1967
Compact cassette tapes for recording music early 1970's
Video Home System or VHS recorders 1975
Supersonic air travel for all “Concorde” 1976
Sony Walkman 1978
First Mobile Telephones very heavy do not fit in your pocket 1980
The first personal computers 4 KB with no hard drive only tape 1980
First reusable spacecraft “Space shuttle Columbia” 1st space flight 1981
Compact Disc or CD 1982
Digital Versatile Disc or DVD 1995
Mobile phones you could fit in your pocket 1997
MP3 player 1998
The millennium 2000
First American black President 2008
Wangford 850 2009

Can you think of any more between 1943 and now?